Thursday, December 29, 2016

December 24. Day 364. Head over heels

Dear Gold Coast,
Because I am a warm, caring sharing type I'm about to offer you some priceless tourism advice - no strings attached. Get a pencil. Ready?
I shall use the approach I use when marking students' assignments. Start with something good and then tell them where they suck. So here goes. You have done ever so well at attracting high rises, high rollers, theme parks and drunken schoolies. Well done you. But you've put all your eggs in one basket - fun lovers with two legs. What you forget is that dogs love the beach too and many, many dogs live in families prepared to go to great lengths to enjoy a beach holiday with their fur babies. You have taken a very miserly approach to the amount of sand you allow dogs to run off leash and frankly it's turning people away. Indeed, I think you missed the take home message from the whole Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Pistol and Boo controversy. What's that you ask? People, real people (and Hollywood celebrities) don't want to leave their dogs at home.
To a dog lover there is no greater joy than watching a dog frolic on the beach. Actually I lie. Watching two dogs frolicking together on the beach tops the single dog option.
Some of us may never be lured by your glitz and glamour but undoubtedly there's a large market share you are turning away. Take an afternoon stroll along one of the Sunshine Coast's popular dog beach locations and you'll see that I'm right.
You can thank me later.

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