Thursday, December 15, 2016

December 15. Day 350. What a hoot

There's a tree at the bottom of the our garden favoured by owls. I know this because of an occasional sighting and because nothing turns my calm canines into crazed canines quite like native wildlife. The possums and the lizards also incite similar responses. My friend Christy also has a doggie dobber ready, willing and able to locate and report owl sightings. And when Charlie tells Christy there are owls in the garden, she tells me. That's just the sort of friend a girl with a camera needs. I have photographed owls in Christy's back yard before. But here's the thing. It's not the same back yard. She's moved several suburbs across town since the last owl photography session. Seriously, what are the chances? Perhaps there are owls in most leafy trees in Brisbane but it takes an observant dog to locate them. It's possible but this family was doing nothing to conceal itself. They were in fairly low branches and not at all worried about the human activity - or the dog for that matter. Which is quite a hoot when you so enjoy a good nature photography session.

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