Saturday, December 17, 2016

December 17. Day 352. Making a splash

This is why I work all year - so I can go to the beach in summer. We love the beach (and by we I mean the dogs and I). To be fair the human members of the family love the beach too but not as much as the dogs and I. It is our happy place. Generally speaking we stay at home at Christmas but this holiday is a fluke of nature. In recent years, our holidays have been on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast. But earlier this year I was invited by my niece to watch her play Larcrosse at Caloundra. As I never turn my back on the opportunity for a weekend at the beach, I came along. It was an eye opener. I discovered a whole new section of dog beach and not only that I saw a sign on a house right on the beach saying dogs were welcome. I contacted them and there had been a cancellation for two weeks over Christmas. Fate. Fate I tell you. I snapped it up. So here we are. Happy little Vegemites.

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