Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9. Day 282. Motherly love

I tell you, you'd have to love them or you would kill them.
Here I am thinking specifically about my furry baby Rumple and the small matter of the ink stain on the carpet today because he decided that would be an awesome place to chew a pen to death.
But,of course, it applies even more so to the human kids.
You forgive your nearest and dearest no matter what. You'd call the police if the neighbours kept you up night after night screaming. If a friend wanted to be picked up at all hours, you'd give them the number of a taxi company. The lines of credit in the bank of parental finance remain open. The arms remain open. The love is unconditional even when you want to kill them.
I reckon this photo of Mum and chick on the pond at South Bank this morning captures it perfectly.
The little one was whinging non stop but the mum was still there in a touching display of affection.
Try as you might, a baby turns the hardest of hearts to jelly.

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