Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 30. Day 303. Baby steps

One of the greatest joys of summer used to be cooling down under the sprinkler. It was such a simple pleasure with all the kids running about like crazed creatures, their laughter echoing through the streets.
On really hot days, the parents would join in and that was extra special.
In recent years, this was an activity that seemed destined to go the way of the dinosaur. While many things we enjoyed as kids (such as the see-saw) have fallen victim to the "fun police", it was drought and water restrictions that looked like they would spell the end of back yard sprinkler splashing.
But the dams are again full, the restrictions have gone and no longer is turning on a tap a neighbourhood crime right up their with barking dogs and fence disputes.
At South Bank this morning the sprinklers were on and a bush stone curlew was taking full advantage its chick sheltering under her wing.
They stayed for ages and then finally bored Mum wandered off the chick following behind letting the world know that he or she was not happy the fun was over.
And speaking of fun being over, today marks the 25th anniversary of the closing of Expo 88 in Brisbane. When the Expo packed up and moved on, the site left behind was redeveloped into South Bank where this photo was taken this morning.
That carnival may be over but South Bank remains as one of Brisbane's best draw cards for both human and feathered visitors.


  1. Two great photos, love both of them.

  2. Awww so cute!!! Beautiful photos

  3. Such brilliant shots as always,particularly the second one. Seems funny reading about summer when we are heading rapidly through autumn here

  4. it does seem odd that after eventually being able to have the central heating on at last as autumn is well under way, you are just approaching your hottest time of the year.
    what a sad little baby bird you have captured x

  5. Susan that first photo is just wonderful

  6. Your photos of South Bank always look so enticing and lively, the carnival atmosphere is rife there! reat analogy as always!

  7. Wow that first photo is just brilliant!! Looks a determined little thing!

  8. Gorgeous photos as always - it sounds like baby birds can be much like small children!!

  9. How cute is that baby bird....
    I have to agree South Bank is a great area of Brisbane.

  10. that baby bird looks like he is making an awful racket, look at those waterdrops fly...amazing