Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 26. Day 299. You don't have to be crazy - but it helps

Simon lists of his previous injuries as you might a shopping list - wrists, ankles, shoulders. But then he dusts himself off and is back up on the line, his mates egging him on.
The fact that you fall doesn't matter. The fact that you are prepared to get back and give it another go does. Some of the beginners just wobble on a low line. Others twist, turn, jump and lunge in moves that seem to defy not only gravity but, more importantly, logic.

Just another Saturday afternoon in Musgrave Park. The slack lines are strung up between the trees and thrill seekers of all ages are testing out their abilities. 
Everyone get s a go, regardless of his or her skill and the onlookers are equally encouraging.
Simon admits that it's just a bit crazy but there are worse things than hanging out in the park with your mates, right.
And if you are heading for a fall it's good to have your friends around to either a) pick you up or b) laugh at you. That's what friends are for.


  1. I love that heading for a Fall - very apt as our clocks change tonight.

  2. What a great analogy - I must admit this looks like it resulted in a lot of pain. Thanks for linking up their fun!!! with Country Kids.