Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2. Day 275. Game changer

In a weird way, my fur friend Rumple changed everything.
Some things I had predicted. Others not in a million years.
It is Rumple's "fault" we are spending this week at Castaways Beach on the Sunshine Coast.
Although I lived and worked at the Sunshine Coast for years, in recent years I have been a Gold Coast girl.
What's more, even when the Sunshine Coast was the destination of choice it was never anywhere quite as quiet and isolated as Castaways between Peregian and Sunshine Beach.
But desperate times call for desperate measures, and let's be honest there just were not many houses available at the last minute that ticked all the boxes AND allowed dogs.
In the end there was but one available property that was suitable so we took it.
And it's perfect.
The home as ocean views and overlooks the national park and the dog beach extends for kilometres.
Without the push factor of a puppy we would never have found this place.
This morning's walk along the beach took Rumple and I to a section south of Sunrise Beach where a fresh water stream from the national park meets the ocean. It is spectacular.
I have little doubt we'll be back.


  1. Oh my that first photo is totally amazing! the reflections that make it look like the sky is on the ground too. - like you could turn the photo upside down and it would still look the same. such wonderful colours and shapes - the curves in the sandy path and those fluffy white clouds. x

  2. That first photograph is amazing!!

  3. that top photo is stunning it should be on a wall its reflection is beautiful x

  4. Breathtaking photos, the first is out of this world

  5. man alive they are stunning photos!

  6. Your first photograph is just breathtakingly beautiful, it should be in a magazine or something! I might start clinging to your photographs and blogs, due to my brother's emigration to the Byron Bay area. He has a 26 second walk to the beach, and I'd like to think that he has a view like that.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.