Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 10. Day 283. Killing them with kindness

Can you not read the signs? Seriously
Do people honestly think the "Don't feed the wildlife" signs were put there by the fun police just because they are a bunch of killjoys out to ruin it for everyone?
Yep, like everyone else we fed the ducks when we were kids and it was awesome fun.
But there were no signs and I'm pretty sure we didn't know how bad it was for them and neither did our parents.
But the signs around the reserve near Shaw Park make it pretty clear. Feeding the ducks is very bad for them.
And yet this afternoon, and probably every afternoon, there were people feeding the ducks, pretty much right in front of the signs. The ducks of course didn't seem to mind a bit. After all they probably don't know any better. Or perhaps they do and eat it anyway in much the same way as I eat things I know are bad for me. But as a species higher up the food chain that should know better we have a duty to do the right thing. Enjoy the wildlife by all means but just duck off and don't feed them. When it comes to duck fodder there are plenty of options that are a better thing than sliced bread.

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