Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27. Day 300. Think Pink

Sixty kilometres is quite a walk, but it's nothing compared with the journey of fighting cancer.
This weekend more than 1000 people walked 30 kilometres through the streets of Brisbane, camped overnight and then walked 30 kilometres back to raise fund to fight women's cancers.
More than $3.5 million was raised in the inaugural event.
When we hit the Roma Street Parklands this afternoon the event was just winding up and a large crowd of weary walkers and proud family members was starting to head home.
The sea of pink and signs honouring those fighting cancers and remembering those who have lost the battle was incredibly moving.
There were kids hugging their mums and husbands embracing their wives and among in all was Terry.
Even with all that pink about, a man with pink balloon breasts labelled "Save the Boobies" is bound to stand out. Although I'd never met him before and it's not the sort of thing I normally say to strangers I did say "That's a great set of boobs you've got there". He gave me the thumbs up and a big smile.
The boobs may have been fake but the sentiment was very real and Terry and all the others have every right to be tickled pink with their efforts.

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