Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7. Day 280. Nude dudes

My memory of what we were taught in Social Studies was that human survival required food, CLOTHING and shelter. Yes clothing people.
It protects against the elements.

I have nothing against the human body. I am not a prude but seriously if you have big breasts, a bra would be the minimum clothing requirement for a game of beach volleyball in my humble opinion, just saying. 
My fear of skin cancer alone would be enough to make me keep my kit on while going for a swim but if I was going to go au natural I can see the attraction of Alexandria Bay in the Noosa National Park.
It's stunningly beautiful and quite a trek to get there so it's not as if you are likely to terrify stray small children with your wobbly bare bits.
At least some of them had the good sense to wear a hat (although some of those delicate parts looked like they could have done with a bit of protection).
The walk through the national park was just one of the things on the agenda to make the most of our last day of holidays.
I was up before dawn and on the beach to capture the sunrise and to give the fur friend a last romp in the sand before heading back to reality.
I was also treated to a whale frolicking off the coast and as an added bonus a flock of black cockatoos decided to stop for breakfast on the foreshore as I walked by. Jolly nice of them.
It is very sad that the holiday had to come to an end but I am pretty sure we will be back.
I suppose if I was to decide to go starkers it would make packing easier.Fortunately for the rest of you, it's not going to happen.


  1. What a beautiful sunrise. I don't think I could ever do naked sunbathing, it's scare the world.

  2. we have a nudist beach down the coast a bit, not sure how often it is warm enough to use but I dont suppose that stops them. No my nudity is for the bathroom usually. The splash of waves is amazing, and love how from that distance their white bits show.

  3. Must say I think the beach and sea looks amazing, not so sure about the models.

  4. Nudist beaches are not for me I think. Would be far too self conscious. Lovely scenery though.

  5. my nudity is kept for my bathroom!!! but i applaud those who go starkers and are proud to do so - i just would not have the confidence. great photos it looks like a beautiful place to visit x

  6. Well they certainly have more confidence than me! Really love the waves crashing on the rocks in the first photo.

  7. We have a nudist beach near us and I have to say I got a bit of a shock when I stumbled across it

  8. well at least they dont get strap marks! lol