Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15. Day 288. Super Dog

 I am fully aware that today's image is
1) wrong in every way and
2) proof that I have become the kind of pet owner I despise.
Not only did Rumple have his regular stylist appointment today (where regular is defined as more often than mine) but then when he got home I dressed him in his new Super Dog outfit for the mandatory post stylist pic.
Yes that is tragic.
But in my defence - no actually there is nothing I can say in my defence. It is what it is.
At least my fur friend is good natured enough to indulge me and play along.
And that's why dogs are (wo)man's best friend. Their love is unconditional and they quickly forgive even if you treat them like a cross between a baby and a doll.
A small  Schmackos bribe helps seal the deal.


  1. Haha! He looks like he doesn't mind too much and I appreciate your self deprecation!!

  2. lol lol lol i am sorry this made me roll with laughter :-) .. made my night x