Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28. Day 301. Music to my ears

Today I was presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity and I missed my chance.
There I was on a street corner chatting up strange boys, as I do. They were busking outside 7-Eleven which presented me with two choices. I could either have walked right by them and invested my loose change on chocolate or give them my loose change and allow them to invest it in chocolate or beer or whatever.
I gave the money to the lads and in surprise and gratitude they talked.
The trio had been together as a performance group only for a matter of hours (probably right about the time they ran out of chocolate).
They did not yet have a group name. "What should we call ourselves?" they asked.
And there it was. My chance to come up with a band name and quick as a flash I responded "I don't know?" Seriously. That was the best I could come up with. Perhaps if I had eaten the chocolate my brain would have responded faster or perhaps they should just call themselves Busking for Chocolate.
In my mind, whatever the question, the answer is always chocolate.

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  1. Add the word "now" at the beginning or the end. A comma gives it extra whizz. "I don't know, now" works for Albums too