Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24. Day 296. It's been a bit of a blur

As a self confessed observer of life, I do try to be one on whom nothing is lost. Unfortunately of late a great deal of life's beauty has escaped my attention. Life's been a bit of a blur (*in more ways than one to be honest). And let me tell you, whoever said the devil was in the detail clearly didn't have failing eye sight. The great beauty can be in the same place.
For some time now I have noticed that I can see better (but not that well) without my incredibly expensive graduated bifocal lenses on when doing close work.
So I was regularly taking them off especially when reading anything on the phone or laptop (so most of the time really).
As a result, I found I was losing the glasses all the time and finding your glasses can be difficult when you can't see too well without your glasses ...
But the glasses were a) not that old and as previously stated b) incredibly expensive so I persevered.
But I can see clearly now with a new prescription now on my face. Will you look at the tiny little antennae on the wasps who have decided to move in near the pool? Who would have thought? (probably anyone with half decent eye sight).
Helen Keller once said "“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.”  I hope now to have both as well as enough common sense to act faster next time to clarity fades.

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