Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21. Day 294. Putting my feet up

People are endlessly fascinating, they really are. I get great joy out of watching strangers go about their daily business (and if I'm honest listening to the snippets of conversation they choose to have at volume in public places).
You might not get the whole story but that's okay. Making up a good story can be far more interesting than the facts.
Like these two women taking half a body for a walk through the Queen Street Mall this afternoon. The facts are probably very mundane but the possibilities are endless. 
But it's not only strangers that can amaze with their odd and unpredictable behaviour.
Now, I would have thought I knew the Drama Teen better than anyone. I am, after all, his mother.
But even he can surprise me, at times.
Like this afternoon. A person who looked like the boy volunteered, yes volunteered, to take the dog for a walk. And then he did it and asked nothing in return. I don't know that person but I like him. And while the two of them went about their business, I got to put my feet up. Yep, people are endlessly fascinating, even one's nearest and dearest.

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