Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 20. Day 293. Cracking under pressure

I could have cracked - but I didn't.
I'm a stubborn little sh** when I want to be. In fact the only reason I have a Masters Degree is that a "friend" said I'd never do it. It was the year my father died. It was the year I was diagnosed as having a chronic illness. I had a full-time job and a preschooler but tell me I can't do something and I will set out to prove you wrong.
So I wasn't going to let the small M  beat me - not on day one of my mission to at least try to use the manual function on my camera. Not only that. I decided to test my "skills" in the middle of the day in the unforgiving bright light of the riverbank at West End.
I won't say I am delighted by the results but as the day went on I felt I was growing in my ability to at least think it through. And anyway, tomorrow is another day.

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