Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 31. Day 304. Strange and foreign customs

It's a small world after all. Strange customs once unique to one small corner of the globe now travel via the world wide spider web and no-one is immune to the venom.
Here, of course, I am talking about Gangnam Style by Psy. As soon as that catchy piece of  Korean Pop blared out of the speakers at the annual Hocus Pocus Halloween Party in Memorial Park at Bulimba and the kids were busting out their horse riding dance moves.
OK, I'm joking (not about the kids all knowing Gangnam Style, that's true). I am referring how mainstream Halloween has become in Australia.
Kids (and here I am talking about children of ALL ages) love an excuse to dress up and if strangers are going to reward you with bags full of lollies for your efforts all the better.
Something that Australian kids once knew of only from US television is now a much anticipated event on the annual calendar.
The biggest gathering in Brisbane today saw kids dancing, apple bobbing, jelly fishing, playing games and sports and of course eating far too much sugar.
The park party was all over before dark giving the chance for kids to head off and trick or treat closer to home. Well, if you've gone to all that trouble dressing up it would be a (fashion) crime to waste it, right?


  1. Hi Susan - great pics and thanks for joining us! We need to remember that Halloween is not an American phenomenon - it's been around for centuries in Britain where it is as much an anticipated event as Christmas or Easter. When else do kids get to see grown ups get dressed up? Just because Americans have created their own tradition around Trick or Treat doesn't mean that Aussies shouldn't evolve their own traditions too and shape an event that children look forward to and celebrate. For me, Halloween is all about getting dressed up and having good, clean fun. That's why we put on Hocus Pocus in the Park and I hope it will become our own version of Halloween that kids will remember fondly as part of growing up in Brissie. Happy Halloween!

  2. Wow! That looks like quite and event. Too true. If you are all dressed up then why not make the most of it. #CountryKids

  3. Looks like an amazing event! Happy Halloween :) #CountryKids

  4. It absolutely astounds me how popular Hallowe'en has become, but they do seem to enjoy it!

  5. Perfect action shots. It looks every bit as much fun as here in the UK. I'm sure Halloween wasn't this much fun when I was a child. Love all the face paint and their expressions. Thank you for linking up to Country Kids.

  6. Sounds - and looks - like such a fun event Halloween Australian style!

  7. Oh so nice to hear that children all around the World are celebrating and just having fun.