Saturday, October 5, 2013

October 5. Day 278. Crabs!

I think I must be adopted. My mother and I can not be related. Our biorhythms are not in sync. At all. This morning, I was up as normal and down the beach not that long after Sunrise.
I had crabs in my sight while Mum was still snoring.
By the time Mum emerged from the bedroom just after 11am I was pretty much ready for my afternoon nap.
Mum NEVER has an afternoon nap. That's the proof right there. It's hard to believe anyone with any of the same DNA as myself isn't a nap-a-holic. Naps are my crutch.
By late afternoon we both managed to be awake at the same time and went for a walk in the Noosa National Park. Very nice it was too.
I was especially grateful to be able to walk in the bush with my mum given how ill she was this time last week, in hospital, on a drip with acute renal failure.
It's such a relief to have her back to her normal self. Given what she's been through, I suppose I can forgive her a little lie in.

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