Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 12. Day 285. Starry, starry night

Grade 10B. All Hallows' 1980. Classroom at the back of the main building overlooking Kemp Place and the Story Bridge.
I'm pretty sure my love of that bridge and my hate of the smell of hops from the brewery across the road were formed in that classroom that year.
On stinking hot Queensland days in non-air conditioned rooms shared with about 30 other sweaty 15-year-olds, staring out the window and dreaming was the only viable escape.
Back in those days there were no lights in the bridge but in recent times it has become as pretty as a picture at night.
Indeed, one of the only original artworks to grace the walls of my home is called Story Bridge in Aqua by Brisbane artist Starr (which looks not unlike Story Bridge in Aqua and Lime as pictured above).
I'm sure I read somewhere that Starr went to All Hallows' for a time but it could have been something I made up staring out the window and dreaming. A girl's got to dream after all and with nothing else on my camera card today, it seemed as good a place as any to head with the tripod for a night shot.

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  1. we were talking about the stinkof hops when we were out during the week, I have no sense of smell but oh could smell it. What a great piece of art work, I wish I was artistic.