Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3. Day 276. Retirement plan

I want to retire to the beach. I love it. We all love it
There is one small technical problem. Actually it's more a large financial problem. Unless I have a previously unknown rich relative who has named me in the will, coming up with the $$$$ may be an issue.
So I have a cunning plan and it involves my beach-loving fur friend. Wherever we go he makes friends. People want to play with him. They want to pat him. They want a photo with him. Just a small contribution from each and there's the beach house. I'm pretty sure Rumple wouldn't mind. Look at the joy of both Rumps and the two boys he found to play chase with on the beach this afternoon. Smiles all round. Time to earn your keep young pup and keep your mother in the manner in which she would like to become accustomed.

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