Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 17. Day 290. Food fight

People end up fighting over the stupidest things. Take religion for example. Fighting to the death over whose greater power is the most loving and compassionate makes absolutely no sense at all and yet religious war and prosecution are as old as time itself.
But food - that's worth fighting for.
In a dog-eat-dog (or in this case a duck-eat-duck) world feuding over your share of the fodder makes perfect sense.
And all's fair in love and food fights. I saw it at the duck pond where, this afternoon, families were again gathered with loaves of bread in hand to feed the ducks.
There should have been plenty to go around had everyone been prepared to wait their turn.
But as any large family will tell you at dinner time, it doesn't work like that.
Get in first or miss out. Whatever it takes.
And there was no playing the ball not the man. No way. As this photo shows anything goes.
Go for the throat.

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