Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19. Day 354. Let it snow

It's a weird thing. Even as plants and people wilt in the stifling summer sun we follow Christmas traditions created and far more appropriate in a northern winter.
Christmas windows glisten in snow watched by people glistening in sweat. Ovens are cranked up in homes that already feel like furnaces. Poor Rudolph's red nose is probably sunburned.
Don't get me wrong. There will be no prawns and salad here. I, like the turkey, will be stuffed for the traditional Christmas dinner.
But dream as we might, a white Christmas just isn't going to happen here except ....
It was snowing today. Brisbane has a new Christmas tradition, a family Christmas show that will open at the Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre tomorrow.
The wonderful thing about How to Make Snow is that while it is about a white Christmas, it is very much a true, modern Australian Christmas story.
It promises to be a beautiful thing starring Mirusia Louwerse, Luke Kennedy and Bryan Probets as well as a cast of young actors including my own theatre boy.
Australia needs its own Christmas stories and I firmly this will be one.
So if you are dreaming of a white Christmas....  How to Make Snow

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