Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 6. Day 346. Overgrown

I am a summer girl.
I don't do winter. I don't do cold. I want to crawl into my little cave or under the doona and hide there.
But even I have to admit that the colder months have their advantages.
Quite simply, the more clothes you wear the less you have to worry about what we shall call maintenance.
A big jacket and a pair of jeans can hide all manner of sins. Things can get overgrown, untidy and a bit fuzzy around the edges and the world need never know.
Problem is, as every home owner knows, if you let the home maintenance schedule slip it takes a lot more work to bring everything back. See this house at West End I photographed this morning? That's what I'm talking about.
So summer is well and truly with us an 'tis the season to spend a fortune on waxing, polishing, spraying and buffing and I am not speaking about the car here.
But if you are going to throw open the windows to let in the breeze you want to make sure everything looks its best, right?
There are some things we don't want the neighbours to see.

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