Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31. Day 366. Happy New Year

I don't go in for New Year's Eve celebrations too much, mainly because NYE and I have a bad history.
As a much younger woman I would always buy into the hype, get all dolled up and go out and par-tay.
Inevitably this would lead to too much alcohol-induced "fun" and I can remember (well sort of) many a year walking home at dawn, minus the shoes, sobbing about what a complete failure I had been during the past year.
When I finally awoke with a pounding head, cocky cage mouth and most of the gin out of my system I would wonder what on earth all that was about.
These days it is a much more sedate affair and far more enjoyable. There may well be a glass of champagne and a swim. There will be the annual board game tournament with family, sparklers, party poppers and I may even see the clock tick over at midnight. If the moment takes me I will walk up the hill to see the South Bank fireworks. Or not. I will let my hair down, a little just like my niece Cleo did this afternoon. And I know something for sure it will  be much happier and tomorrow I will feel much better for it.


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful and entertaining daily picture & blog through 2012, I enjoyed the journey.. Happy New Year wishing you all the very best for 2013.

  2. Oh, I am exactly the same.
    We are looking forward to a nice family meal out, just the 4 of us. Then heading to the beach to send our new year wishes up in Chinese lanterns over the bay.
    Hope yours is as relaxing.
    All the best for next year.

  3. Susan, so sorry I missed this one, it became lost in a linky muddle up a week ago. Adding it now to this week's linky. an awesome New Year capture as always. I thought it unlike you not to be linked up.