Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14. Day 349. School's out for summer

When my son was in primary school we had a term for a noise that was intolerably loud - it would be described as louder than the noise made after the final assembly on the last day of school.
Six hundred hot, sweaty and over exited kids screaming in unison is even more ear piercing than me on a roller coaster.
Today school is out for summer and, for my niece Cleo, it is the last day at her present school before moving on to middle school next year.
In honour of the occasion six of her friends came over for an after school party and sleep over. Jumping for joy were Cleo, Amy, Sasha, Lucy, Erin, Nicole and Bailey
There was a treasure hunt in the back garden and a balloon pop game not to mention fairy bread and party pies and sausage rolls.
I popped in for a visit in the afternoon and if the volume then was anything to go by I have to say I am very pleased I was heading home and sleep in my own quiet bed.


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate breaking up for Summer!Another week to go here before our children break up for the Christmas holidays. thank you for linking your lovley photo and story to CountryKids

  2. What a brilliant picture, I remember doing things like that when we broke up from school - except we would never have had that amount of sunshine!

  3. It still seems so strange that it's Summer there. Hope they all enjoy the summer.