Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18. Day 353. In too deep

In these days of social media many people (and yes I know I am one) can barely blow their nose without telling the world about it on one social networking site or other.
And with camera phones in every pocket it is almost as if it didn't happen unless there is a photo of it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Despite this and despite the fact that I have taken more than 60,000 photos this year there are really not that many photos of me out there (and that's definitely a deliberate choice). I am the one in the family who takes the photos and thus I appear in very few.
Selfies may be a current obsession but it is one trend I generally avoid.
Today I chose to make an exception because it was too darn hot to venture much beyond the swimming pool.
So this is what you get, me proving:
1) I can talk under water
2) It is a good thing there aren't that many photos of me out there
3) Selfies suck
So there you have it. Status update: Susan blew her nose. Under water. She's cooler than you are if you are anywhere away from water or airconditioning in Brisbane today.


  1. very cool underwater shot Susan. its nice to see you for a change too x

  2. Great shot, It seems like yesterday we were suffering in the heat!

  3. Another great water shot from you.

  4. brillint capture. yes we do snap a lot of shots but so nice to have the memories to look back on. Pictures of my grandparents are scarce as people did not take many photos back then and it is quite sad. Happy Christmas to you and yours

  5. Good to have a selfie every now and then! This is a great underwater shot, the light makes the water bubbles look very cool!

  6. Very clever photo but cheating really as we can't really see you very well! I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos this year, are you carrying on?