Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22. Day 357. And they all came tumbling down

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.
Theatre boy's production wraps up tonight and if history is anything to go by tomorrow he will not be a happy chappy.
Performing gives him a natural high but what goes up must come down.
After weeks of intensive rehearsals you'd think that there would be an element of relief at having nothing to do but it never works that way.
Distraction, diversion, sunshine and exercise are the best tactics.
So it may well be that we head back to South Bank tomorrow.
Charles and I spent a rare date day enjoying a leisurely lunch and walk through the markets today.
The pre Christmas activities are in full swing and one of my favourites was the giant games.
Jenga has always been popular in our house but playing with giant blocks in public adds a whole new dimension.
We watched as this family built up the tower to more than 30 levels before Mum Jenny finally had the dubious honour of being the one to bring the lot tumbling down.
What a laugh.
Hopefully we will manage the same tomorrow.

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