Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13. Day 348. Out of the mouth of babes

This morning my little darling was trying to spin me a story. Some complete dribble was coming out of his mouth and we both knew it and laughed.
Eventually I said: "I'm on to you. Don't you think that after 14 years and 11 months I'm aware of your tricks."
He said: "It's true - but I learned from the best."
Yep, every now and then I find myself hearing this echo and my own words are coming back to haunt me.
But there's one critical difference and that's the volume.
My little duckling was born without a volume switch. I've looked and looked and as far as I can tell you can not turn him down.
It is possible there is also no off switch. There's a snooze button but no off switch as far as I can tell.
If he's breathing, he's talking.
This dusky moorhen chick at South Bank this morning seemed to have something of the affliction. It was making its presence known loud and proud. And like my little love, there was dribble coming out of its mouth being fed by its mum.


  1. Yep indeed. Perfect words - perfect picture.

  2. Some more stunning water shots, but love the addition of cute little chicks.

  3. Love the anecdote to match the photo :-)

  4. Nature as its finest

  5. Ha ha that made me laugh! Oh how I wish my lot had a volume button of a mute one, that would be perfect!

  6. what a scruffy looking baby bird. Love the way you link up your pics with your life

  7. How cute is that! My son sounds like your son....he has no off switch, and his vocab is getting better and better. Uh oh.