Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4. Day 339. Sandy Claus

Days like today where the mercury is going to be up around the 40 degrees mark, any Queenslander with the opportunity and the brains seeks out the beach.
We love a bit of sand. We love lying on the sand, we love burying ourselves (or our nearest and dearest) in sand and we love building a sand castle. And of course we love diving and washing it all off.
By 9am this morning the crowds were already gathering at the city beach at South Bank and the action on the sand was hotting up (figuratively and literally).
Just metres away behind a barricade near the Surf Club there was mega sand castle building going on.
A team of sand artists was hard at work building one of the most amazing sand creations I have ever seen. It doesn't get much more Aussie Christmas than this.
I only hope that when they were done for the day they got to join the amateur sand artists for a dip.

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