Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6. Day 341. The Renovators

I am ever so slightly addicted to home building and renovation shows.
I love how with just a little effort and a big fat wad of cash the architects, builders and interior designers get to turn something that looks like it should be demolished into something that looks like it should be in a glossy magazine (what none of these houses EVER looks like is that anyone actually lives there but that's another story).
But no matter how much I love these show I know there is no way I would ever undertake such a project. There are several reasons.
1) I have watched enough of these shows to know that no project ever comes in within a bull's roar of the projected cost
2) We own only three tools and I am not sure we know how to use any of them
3) I'd rather not get a divorce and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a major building project would end in the divorce courts.
It would go like this. I would show my husband a colour scheme and offer a suggestion. He would say (sensibly) "Whatever you think". I would make a selection and later when it was all locked in he'd say "I thought you would have gone with the orange". Repeat. Often.
This would drive me nuts. I want him to have an opinion (provided it is the same as mine) and I need to hear it when it counts.
Plus building projects are inherently stressful and when stressed somewhat toxic things have been known to come out of my mouth.
Still I watch other people's  building projects with the same fascination as I do the TV versions.
So my eye was taken by the "renovator's delight" which I spied on my morning walk today.
This house will be fabulous with a little tender loving care (and one of those wads of cash).
I'm not sure what's happening there but whatever it is must be as toxic as my stress response if the attire of the tradesmen on site this morning is anything to go by.
Either that or an alien invasion happened and no-one told me. Jusy let me check my Twitter feed.

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  1. probably months of work ahead of them, love the gas mask