Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26. Day 361. Boxing Day

Boxing Day. The international day of hanging around, doing not very much and scratching together what you can in the way of food.
It is also the day of watching the cricket, shopping for batteries and if you have any energy or money left after Christmas fighting for bargains at the sales.
In my house we very much adopted the do as little as possible approach. Spending all morning doing nothing was so exhausting that I had to lie down and nap in the afternoon. That's why God made Boxing Day, to recharge the batteries after Christmas.
By mid afternoon, I'd mustered enough energy to go for a walk where I spotted this blue-faced honeyeater doing much the same as those I'd left at home - hanging around, foraging for food but otherwise up to very little. He'd probably turn on the cricket if he could.

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