Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20. Day 355. Unwrapped

Patience is a virtue and I am not that virtuous.
I don't like to wait. So even though I know my new Canon 450D should be wrapped and under the tree it was around my neck going for a walk this morning.
And it is a beautiful thing.
I walked for two and a half hours snapping as I went. Totally excited. After 355 days of taking photos every day the novelty was starting to wear off but not today.  I'm back.
I come from a family not that is not that good at waiting to unwrap what's under the tree.
My younger sister Lisa was the worst. She would sit under the tree for hours squeezing and prodding. The weird thing is that she would shake, rattle and roll not only the presents to her but the ones from her even though she knew exactly what was inside.
These days to add to the excitement and to prevent sneak peeks, the presents don't go under the tree.
We have to work for them following a trail of cryptic clues to find the prize.
I reckon I will be made to work especially hard to earn my camera. I reckon it will be totally worth it.

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