Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3. Day 338. The getting of wisdom

Nearly three decades after the fact, I still have unpleasant memories about the removal of my wisdom teeth.
Now I like jelly, custard and ice cream as much as the next person but if that's all you can eat, the attraction wanes after a few days.
And I won't even mention the complete lack of attraction of swelling, pain and in my case snot dripping from the new hole between my sinuses and my mouth.
So it was that I was happy to provide a spot of "babysitting" for my 16-year-old niece Scarlett who had her wisdom teeth removed on Friday.
Either she is nowhere near as big a sook as I was or wisdom teeth removal techniques have improved (or both) but she's doing very well.
There are ice packs and drugs but as you can see she's kept her sense of humour.
So if she doesn't need the jelly ....


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  2. This time without typo....

    I wish her well a brave young lady indeed....

  3. Oh I remember that well too. The beautiful icepacks tied around your head technique, the yellowing of the jawline and the horror of actually getting sick of jelly, icecream and custard. I think it's totally fine for you to relieve her of jelly stress :)