Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16. Day 351. Christmas cheer

I am old.
There was a time when a seriously good night out was one you couldn't remember the next day.
Not any more. Don't get me wrong. I love nothing more than a drink out with friends but I don't want to pay for it financially and physically for an age after.
Last night was a great night out with friends and this morning my mouth felt a little like the bottom of a cocky cage and doubtless smelled a bit like camel's breath but the pain was fleeting.
Up and at 'em
Tonight was also a great night strolling down the hill to South Bank where the Christmas celebrations included films projected above the pool. The crowds were doing handstands with excitement waiting for those without a drink in sight.
Across the bridge in the city crowds also gathered for the Christmas parade and pantomime. Another stunning display of colour and goodwill.
Best of all were the animals - you can't do a proper Christmas parade without three wise men on camels, Mary on a donkey and a little drummer boy.
All were there and much, much more.
It was a delight.
The kids were in raptures (especially when the animals did a poo) but even officially old folk like me couldn't help but smile.
A terrific Aussie Christmas- I'll drink to that.


  1. There always seams to be such a great community spirit where you are and so much to see in the city. Great photos as always!

  2. That does sounds like a good night out. I feel I'm starting to be the same too - appreciating things more.
    Great photos as ever.
    Merry Christmas.