Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29. Day 364. Juggling

As a mother, I claim to be an expert juggler constantly managing to keep the seemingly infinite number of balls required to run a family, household and job in the air. I would claim that I never drop any and that I make it look effortless but my mother taught me never to lie, especially if you are going to put it in writing.
Of course my type of juggling is not the same as that of Terry Wells, a member of the Fabulous Flying Fish Brothers which is probably just as well as I am hopeless at throwing and a butterfingers when it comes to catching.
Terry was plying his wares at the West End Market today en route to Woodford for the annual folk festival.
He sees the folk festival as a bit of a spiritual home as it was there in about 1993 that he decided he wanted to be a performer. He loves the festival but believes that since leaving Maleny it's all become a bit structured and buskers are no longer permitted - but it's still a spiritual home. This is just as well as right now he doesn't have a home home. Until recently he lived at Noosa but now lives nowhere in particular.
That, he says, is just the way he likes it as it gives him the freedom to go where he likes no strings attached.
Wherever he lays his many hats, that's his home.

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