Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21. Day 356. Too busy to scratch yourself

Can anyone explain why we do it to ourselves?
It is, according to the songs, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Yet with all the ta-la-la-la-ing going on it is so easy to wear yourself out.
All that shopping, eating, drinking, partying etc can leave yourself too exhausted to really enjoy yourself.
Time out, I say.
With so much going on and the oppressive heat I found myself skipping my morning walk this week.
This should have given me more time and more energy. Of course the opposite was true.
Cutting out exercise and "me"  time is the problem of the season not the solution.
So the routine is back and with it the walk and the bird photos, this time taken from the mangroves on the north bank of the Brisbane river.
This bloke was in no hurry perched happily in the mangroves finding plenty of time to scratch itself.
I feel better for taking the time to watch.
Now who has a rum ball?

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  1. well I dont think he is worrying about tuesday somehow