Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27. Day 362. Buried treasure

While officially it was a work day today, this is a city that is still very much in holiday mode (and will remain that way until school goes back at the end of January if the truth be told).
There was some activity at South Bank as the workmen took the Christmas decorations down, an operation that seemed a little sad and perhaps a bit premature. But for the most part it was all about relaxing.
The cafes were busy and the beach packed.
Despite the overcast conditions it was hot and the water was the most popular way of cooling off but this bloke decided that a cap and a coating of sand was as good a way as any to keep out of the sun.
The kids were happy to oblige piling it on proving once again that we keep taking whatever our kids throw at us, often without even raising an eyebrow.
One suspects that given the unique staying power of sand in the bits there will be something there to remind him of his day at South Bank for some time to come.


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  2. was wondering why you would not go back till end of Jan, but it will be your summers holidays....just seems so weird to think we read you every day but your at the opposite side of the world.

  3. This is a favourite past time for my kids at the beach too, lovely to see it is the same the world over!

  4. How lovely to have Christmas as your summer holiday. Beautiful shot as always.