Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9. Day 344. Scaredy Claus

My mother who knows these things says that she does not have a single photograph of one of her grandchildren aged two with Santa.
It seems that this is the age when Stranger Danger and fear of strange men with beards kicks in.
Certainly as I  roamed the shops in the city today I saw quite a number of children of about that age putting up what could best be called firm resistance to going anywhere near the fat man in red. Sitting on his knee was simply out of the question.
Let's face it the idea of a bloke you don't know coming into your bedroom as you sleep is not something many of us would want if we stopped to think about it for too long.
One of my darling nieces would go so far as to refuse to sleep on Christmas Eve unless she had a written guarantee from her parents that presents would be left in the living area in the house and not under any circumstances in the bedroom. Fair enough too.
But in the city today few where thinking that far ahead. It was shop until you drop time.
This photo was taken in one of the malls where I went to check out cameras. As well as the Christmas baubles you can see both me (fully clothed) and a model in her undies. At least it's not the other way around. That would be one way to keep the big man away on Christmas Eve.

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