Friday, December 7, 2012

December 7. Day 342. The Cockatoo

If you are as old as I am you will remember Austin Tayshus who brought the world the comedy track Australiana.
It was filled with some of the worst puns imaginable like the bit where a young lady was directed to go out the back to have a pee with the blokes because "she's probably seen a cock or too".
Yep, it's  lame but I have to admit even though it is almost 30 years since it was released it still jumps to mind when I see a flock of cockatoos as I did this afternoon at the University of Queensland.
Yes, this is me confessing to having seen more than one cock or two.
That's the Australian sense of humour for you.
And for all the official outrage at the Australian radio station prank call to  Dutchess Kate's  London hospital, I'm pretty sure most people secretly admire the gall of it (while feeling more that a bit sorry for the nurse who took the call).
Come on, you've got to laugh. You're a galah if you don't.
*While the outcome of the prank call was tragic I don't believe it was foreseeable. Thoughts are, of course, with the family but some of the critics would do well to also consider the impact of their outrage on the young radio hosts.