Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12. Day 347. That magical touch

It is a little known fact but I used to be a magician's assistant.
The Sensational Susan (as I liked to call myself despite the fact that the name never took off) was the Mother of all Assistants to The Amazing Oliver.
This all came about because when Mr O was in Year 2 we hired a magician for his 7th birthday. The young man was inspired and took up magic in a big way eventually performing with a dove, mice, guinea pigs and even a gold fish in his act.
It is one of my great regrets that he gave up before I got to be cut in half.
It is one of Amazing Oliver's great regrets that he gave up before he learned how to make his mother disappear. What child wouldn't want that occasionally especially at homework time?
So it is that I love magicians so today when I was in the Queen Street Mall I couldn't help but stop to watch Jason Maher entertain the crowds.
The looks on the kids' faces held that same type of wonder I remember from that seven-year-old's birthday.
Right now it's a magical time of year but for me there's something special about magic at any day of the week. Abracadabra.


  1. Gosh many a talent you have ...and yes for young children this is a magic time of the year

    1. I can assure you there was little talent involved - mainly cleaning up afterwards!