Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 15. Day 350. Wherever woman goes Mangoes

Every year for as long as I can remember a box of mangoes would arrive on our doorstep in the week before Christmas. The gift of Bowen goodness comes courtesy of one of my husband's grateful clients and he is always suitably excited. Frankly I couldn't have cared less.
In my own mind I didn't like mangoes. I had bad childhood memories of stringy fruit caught in my teeth and sticky juice running down my chin. This was not something that held any fondness at all - just the opposite.
People told me I was crazy. I gave them a mango and told them they were welcome to their own opinion and a piece of fruit.
And then one day I tried one. It's a rare thing but I will admit I was wrong. Mangoes have a reputation of being delicious because they are.
I have made similar discoveries about olives and beetroot (only the fresh stuff not the canned stuff which is still revolting) but mangoes are a standout change of heart.
Even so, a box of mangoes that all ripen at the same time is really more than the two mango eaters in the home can devour so I often give a few away to neighbours.
This year one of the "neighbours" helped him or herself to the first fruit from the box that arrived yesterday.
My husband left the box out on the back deck to allow the fruit to ripen. The possums clearly didn't care to wait.
I have no evidence it was possums except that I have seen them on the deck often before and the idea of rats or other rodents is something I would rather not consider.
I guess we will need to find another spot for the ripening.
For the wildlife at least this is forbidden fruit.

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