Sunday, July 8, 2018

July 8. Day 189. Firing up

Ah Brisbane. Beautiful one day. More curious the next. If that sounds a bit like a tourism slogan that would be because I shamelessly ripped one off and "improved" it. But we don't need a tourism campaign to tell us Brisbane is beautiful. Those of us who choose to call the city home probably do so because we know that. But one of the things that makes Brisbane beautiful is the winter weather. Today was most assuredly a fine example. And yet, somehow, we crave a European climate. Take South Bank today. There were people in the pool because in Brisbane you can swim outside in winter (if you are a bit crazy). There were many, many people watching the buskers in shorts and T shirts because this is Brisbane and rarely do you need anything warmer - at least not in the day. But then there was snow. It's not real snow but it's a snow playground set up for the school holidays because a perfect winter isn't good enough. We want a real winter and that means snow. And just to really prove we have our minds on other climes, we throw a French festival into the mix.  Well why not? I can see no particular reason not to borrow a bit from whomever we like. I bet there would be plenty of places that would happily take some our winter sunshine.

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