Wednesday, July 18, 2018

July 18. Day 199. Curve ball

Just when I think I have a plan, life has a way of throwing me a new one.
I thought I had this week mapped out. That was my first mistake. That would assume a very rare level of control that seems unlikely. There are many balls in the air so dropping one seems almost inevitable. Yesterday I got a phone call asking where my Ekka photo competition entries were. I had two hours to get them to the judges. Just put them in a cab, the said. You're only at Highgate Hill. This would be a fine plan except I hadn't actually chosen the pics much less printed or mounted them so I decided to thank them for their kindness in contacting me but admit defeat. There would be no entries this year. I felt a bit sad but resigned myself to it. And then late afternoon came a text. The entry deadline had been extended. This is good except #$%^. Time to pull one's finger out. So it's been crazy frantic but the images are now with the judges and it's now in their hands. So after running around like a blue-arsed fly I paused at Roma Street Parklands to walk the dogs and perhaps find the first entry for next year's competition. Once again, I promised myself to be more organised. Once again, I know next year it will be a crazy last minute rush and I'll end up submitting pics of birds. It's what I always do.

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