Friday, July 27, 2018

July 27. Day 209. Bursting my bubble

Sometimes I allow myself the indulgence of thinking I am a creative person. But then something comes along and bursts my bubble. I feel like I'm not even trying. So I walked through The Mall tonight. There was a bloke wearing a gas mask and using a collection of spray cans. His tools of trade included a whole range of spatulas and knives. A crowd gathered to watch him because his methods were as interesting as his art. I joined the crowd and watched for a bit. I walked on. And then there was a young woman. She was blowing bubbles. They were great big bubbles. They were huge and colourful. I was happy to stand and watch. Many people had other ideas. Their first instinct was to run and burst her bubble. The girl didn't seem to care. As long as people were interested, she didn't seem to care what the fate of her bubbles was. Her art was as transient as it was beautiful. You have to admire the art for arts sake attitude.

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