Friday, July 6, 2018

July 6. Day 187. Home free

Look at that smile. Compare that to not much more than 12 hours earlier in the photos below when little Molly was in a hospital emergency department with pneumonia and a raging fever. 
But an overnight hospital stay and a truckload of IV antibiotics and look at her. 
It just makes you glad we live in a world with modern medicine and a first rate health system. 
Kids can go downhill so quickly but on the upside it's also so amazing how quickly they bounce back. 
Molly was itching to get home to watch Netflix. 
If I'd been in the same situation, I'd be itching to get home to my doona and pillow (and the dogs). You wouldn't get anything out of me for a week. Ah to have the resilience of youth - and that smile.

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