Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July 4. Day 185. Wouldn't that give you the shits?

Forget Masterchef. One of the best meals in the world is the sandwich they give you when you wake up in recovery post operation. This is because 1). You are not dead (Admittedly the chance of dying while having a colonoscopy is very low but every anaesthetic comes with some risk and
2). Everything tastes really good after a long fast.  Last time I visited a day surgery waiting area was when Oliver had his wisdom teeth removed earlier this year. There were signs everywhere telling people not to eat or drink out of consideration for the fasting pre-op patients. Today, different hospital, different experience. Into the waiting room strolls a Domino's Pizza delivery person with the large insulated box. He mentions a doctor's name and opens the insulated box just to make sure the smell of pizza floods the whole waiting room. This is so not fair. I'm surprised he got out alive. If I wasn't so weak from going a full seven hours without food I may have done the job myself. Anyway he lived to tell the tale and I lived to eat the ham and cheese sandwich. Best. Meal. Ever.

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