Friday, July 20, 2018

July 20. Day 201. The Unexpected Guest

 At one point of my life I owned all 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections written by Agatha Christie. I've seen The Mouse Trap many, many times (although I always forget who did it between viewings). In short, I'm an Agatha Christie fan girl. Perhaps, I'm just a bit of a crime fan girl given that the obsessive reading of Agatha Christie came after The Famous Five and before James Patterson. Now my bedtime listening choice is normally a true crime podcast because who  doesn't want to drift off to sleep to the details of a grizzly murder?
In today's crime world where DNA sequencing, facial recognition software, surveillance footage and forensic profiling are the buzz words, concepts such as "the little grey cells" seem kind of quaint. But I'm okay with quaint. It's piecing together the puzzle. It's swallowing then spitting out the red herring. It's figuring out if the smoking gun really is a smoking gun. It's my, perhaps macabre, happy place and tonight I was there at Nash Theatre's The Unexpected Guest. It was classic Christie. I changed my mind on Who Done It many times, just as Christie had intended it.  Here's a spoiler free review. Be my guest. I expect you to listen.

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