Wednesday, July 25, 2018

July 25. Day 207. No Dramas

I'm old. Old enough to remember the repressive Bjelke Petersen years. Old enough to remember when the only place in Brisbane where same sex couples were visible was The Beat nightclub in The Valley.  Today's kids, they have no idea how much the world has changed in such a small time. It is this generation who will really eat up Lysa and Freeborn Dames at La Boite. For me, it was a little bit preachy and screechy but I fully understand that to get the power of sexual politics across to this new generation, you have to make big statements loud. And you have to do it through the mouths of young people if it is going to have any authority at all. As such, this production made a genius decision to work with QUT acting students. These are the voices this production needed. The young people in the opening night audience was clearing eating up this production. The opening night speeches were the most political I've heard in quite some time. I guess they had earned the right. Okay, I wasn't the biggest fan but I'm old enough to understand that it's not always about me. You can hear the younger member of the mother and son podcasting team try and tell me why I'm wrong here 

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