Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 1. Day 182. Horsing around

Remember when kids were told not to pull faces because they might stay that way if the winds changed? God only knows where that came from. I don't think I ever believed it but I'm not sure. I do remember thinking twice and then doing it anyway. Pulling silly faces is a an art, a skill and a huge amount of fun. It's about being a child or embracing your inner child. Today the child within me came out to play. I was at an afternoon tea farewelling my friend Alison and her boys Elliott and Owen who tomorrow fly home to Singapore. Her family was there - and that meant kids to play with. So I spent the afternoon being a tiger and being ridden like a horse and rolling in the grass with the kids. And then I made time for a glass of wine and a chat proving I can act like an adult - sometimes. I can also pull some pretty fancy faces when the occasion calls for it (I'm not just talking staff meetings).

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