Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 15. Day 196. It's cold outside

 Every time the forecast is for unseasonally hot or cold weather the news bulletins always carry the same warning - check on the elderly. It almost goes in one ear and out the other. Yes, I visit my 90-year-old neighbour almost every day but I have long since given up suggesting a fan in summer or a blanket or heater in winter. She's not one to be told. I think we may have both learned a lesson today. Hyphothermia is a thing and it is not a thing you want - unless you like a trip to ambulance in hospital. The degree of confusion is really alarming. Until today, I'd never seen a warming blanket that heats by blowing hot air. It's pretty cool (pun intended). And with hot air and food inside her, Margaret was back to being much closer to her normal self by bedtime ... which in her world is 7pm. At least I will sleep well knowing she is in a warm hospital bed ....

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