Saturday, July 14, 2018

July 14. Day 195. Quite the Powerhouse

As a woman it is supposed to be in my DNA to do two things at once. Possibly. Unfortunately the one thing I have yet to master is doing them in two different places at once even places not very far away from each other. This is unfortunate because that means you have to choose and I'm very bad at choosing. Tonight at the Brisbane Powerhouse (one of my favourite Brisbane venues) I had to walk past the set up for a Dead Puppets Society workshop performance AND the World Press Photography exhibition to get into the Visy Theatre.
Tricky stuff. I love the work of the Dead Puppet boys. Press is my chosen career and photography my chosen recreation but in the Visy Theatre was the one thing that tops all that - musical theatre. Done well that's my thing. The rest I just had to peek at and think "there's always next time".

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